Radically simple applications for you, the non-engineer.

Our why is to simplify software so that companies can figure out quickly what they want.

We build simple solutions for traditionally complex problems. We find motivation and inspiration in building stuff that works. We make no trade-offs with quality. We are a global team with experts from continental Europe and the US. We focus on creating value for others: being open-source or free software - value always comes back to us. We do our homework and keep our word.

Have you heard the urban legend about the space pen?



Astonauts needed a pen to write while in space, but traditional pens wouldn't do the job.



Lots of time and money went into engineering the "space" pen. What if you looked at any given problem with the naiveness of a kid?



As a result, most of the times, there is a simple solution for a seemingly complex problem.

Why Simplify Software?

Complex Software

Creators prove to themselves they can do stuff that few others can;      

Humongous amount of lines of code;

Imperative programming languages like Java and C# are the standard, which lead to bug-ridden, complex and difficult to maintain software.        

Simple Software

Creators achieve perfection when there's nothing left to take away - less lines of code means less bugs;

Decision tables and rules engines increase readability;  

Functional programming languages (Erlang and Scala) and declarative environments (TIBCO BusinessWorks, LabView and node-red) are used instead.

What's Your Challenge?